Sponsors & CROs

Join the Race against Dual Enrollment

There are several ways Sponsors and CROs can join the race to stop dual enrollment.

  •    Do your preferred sites use clinicalRSVP?

    Make clinicalRSVP a requirement in every RFP and build site questionnaires to accurately identify which sites use clinicalRSVP.

  •    Do your sites know how valuable clinicalRSVP is to your study?

    Download our electronic brochure to forward along to sites so they can get started today.

    Electronic Brochure

  •    How do you know if a site is committed to stopping dual enrollment?

    Request List of Active Sites

  •    Do you have a key study that needs assurance only clinicalRSVP can offer?

    We work with Sponsors and CROs to implement clinicalRSVP for multisite studies. We can have your sites up and running in less than a day.