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Publication date(s) February 16, 2012

Network of Innovator Sites Renew with clinicalRSVP’s Research Participant Registry

(Fort Lauderdale, FL; February 16, 2012)clinicalRSVP, the participant registry that prevents research volunteers from enrolling in overlapping and concurrent research studies, today announced that all seven (7) sites making up the original clinicalRSVP user network, including Clinical Pharmacology of Miami (one site), Comprehensive Clinical Development (three sites), Elite Research Institute (one site), and Seaview Research Inc. (two Sites), have agreed to extend their commitment to the clinicalRSVP network through 2012 and beyond.

In 2009, this trailblazing group of innovator sites was the first in North America to adopt a subject registry for the purpose of preventing dual enrollment, thereby increasing data integrity and participant safety for their clients. Since inception, thanks to leading clinicalRSVP features such as controls over electronic records, biometric identification safeguarding, operational ease of use, and best in class customer support, the clinicalRSVP network has grown to include 18 Phase I Units across the United States and Canada, representing more than 20 percent of the North American Phase I beds.

With ever-growing support from sponsors and sites alike, the mission of clinicalRSVP is to provide a single North American registry for investigators to confidentially and securely verify subject eligibility requirements prior to enrollment, thereby improving data integrity for sponsors and trial safety for participants.

“Ensuring our participants’ safety and facilitating rapid study start-up are the primary focuses for us at Comprehensive Clinical Development,” said Dr. Rae DelVecchio, Senior Vice President, Early Phase Operations. “We want our sponsors and participants to have total confidence in every aspect of our business and clinicalRSVP is a key component of our enrollment process.”

Stacy Dilzer, President of Clinical Pharmacology of Miami, added, “Ensuring subject safety is of the utmost concern to Clinical Pharmacology of Miami and clinicalRSVP has become an essential tool in this endeavor. Its ease of use and superb customer support also earn it high marks. It is our hope that clinicalRSVP will be adopted by an ever increasing number of sites in the very near future.”

Harpeet Smith, Data Manager for Seaview Research Inc., added, “We feel great about the additional assurance over subject enrollment achieved by our site’s participation in clinicalRSVP.”

The president of clinicalRSVP, Darran Boyer, commented “We are excited and honored to continue servicing this group of industry leading sites. We feel this recommitment, as well as our continued growth and proven track record, confirms that clinicalRSVP is the premier network that stops dual enrollment.

About ClinicalRSVP
ClinicalRSVP is the North American network that prevents research volunteers from enrolling in multiple concurrent research studies. This blinded cooperative registry allows investigators to confidentially and securely verify subject eligibility requirements prior to subject enrollment in clinical trials, resulting in advances to clinical research data integrity and participant safety. For more information about clinicalRSVP, visit www.clinicalRSVP.com.

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