What is clinicalRSVP?

clinicalRSVP raises the bar for study data integrity and participant safety

  •    Authenticate Protocol Compliance and Reinforce Study Data Validity.

    By objectively authenticating a participant’s inclusion/exclusion criteria related to previous study participation, researchers can better rely on the results of their study data. More reliable, protocol-compliant study data enables sponsors to make informed decisions and drive progress more effectively and efficiently.

  •    Strengthen Participant Safety.

    clinicalRSVP protects subjects from receiving unregulated combinations of investigational medications.

  •    Mitigate Risk of Unwarranted Serious Adverse Events.

    Serious adverse events can cripple the development of a valid compound. clinicalRSVP safeguards against the possibility of an erroneous adverse event caused by dual enrollment.

  •    Support Adherence to Development Timelines.

    Studies that cannot be completed on time due to the discovery of a dual enroller leads to incomplete study results, forcing additional costs on sites and sponsors. Investigators employing clinicalRSVP can avoid this risk by excluding participants who could compromise results.

  •    Improve Screening Accuracy and Efficiency.

    Enhanced access to subject eligibility data during pre-screening can help investigators eliminate ineligible participants prior to spending valuable time and resources on costly screening procedures.

What Our Partners Are Saying
clinicalRSVP is a valuable tool to increase the safety of subject populations. We are happy with how easy it is to use and we encourage other sites to participate and strengthen the reach and effectiveness of the clinicalRSVP network.

Stacy Dilzer
Clinical Pharmacology of Miami