What is clinicalRSVP?

A global clearinghouse at your fingertips

clinicalRSVP connects research sites through a global clearinghouse to authenticate study participants in real time. We give new meaning to the term “index finger” because clinicalRSVP gives research sites access to a literal “index” of eligible participants.

Thanks to clinicalRSVP’s unique biometric fingerprint technology, the clearinghouse remains de-identified because there is no need to collect the names of participants. Further, the clearinghouse does not collect study data, making it easy for research site to participate without worrying about unauthorized access to sensitive study data.

This simplified approach to subject authentication is what has led to our rapid growth and vast site coverage. It is also what makes clinicalRSVP the most successful and reliable participant authentication system in the world.

    Other features include:
  • Quick implementation
  • Automated system maintenance and validation
  • Full technical support
  • Discrepancy resolution and 24/7 subject hotline
  • Secure, reliable data hosting
  • Usage reporting and monitoring